The Golden Temple

_MG_0447_MG_0059The Temple of Light is a magnetic focus for a permanent inpouring and emanation of love and sacred light supporting that Crete in becoming again a sacred island and the Eastern Mediterranean countries be uplifted.

The top floor is used for meditation, lightwork and teaching. The lower floor is used for meditation, healing, and studying. The idea of the temple garden is to relax, to meditate, to be vitalised and to study undisturbed by other people, as we have a rule of silence in this garden.

The temple is 8 meters in diameter, the lower floor is 3 meters high and the top floor is 6 meters high. From the folding doors at the top floor there is a magnificent view to the green valley, to a range of mountains, to Heraklion and to the sea. From the lower floor we come in close contact with the temple garden and its shady places.

In 2004, we were a group of 40 people who started to donate money for the construction of the temple. After a year we reached the sum of EUR 50.000. The construction process began and the group widened to 150 people from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, and donations continued to flow in. To finish the temple in 2006, 2 people lent us money, which we now are paying back over a few years. In 2009, the total sum of donations is only about EUR 10-15.000 short of the total costs of EUR 130.000.

Caretakers telefon; 06944815788

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