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Payment to the Golden Foundation
If you are:
  • staying at the Golden site
  • take part in the cources/ retreats
  • donating or beeing a member of the Golden Foundation

you can use these accounts: 

SWIFT: DABADKKK - IBAN: DK1630 0000 1001 4077
Danish Bank: Regnr.: 1551 Kontonr.: 10014077
The prices at the website are in Danish Kroner (DKK). Be sure that you calculate the price in the correct rate. 
Please remember to write: Your full name, country and which kind of payment, you are doing.
Everyone have to be members, when they are staying at The Golden Site or take part in a courses/ retreat at the site.The price is 10 EURO for a person a year.
Staying at the Golden Site
For staying at the Golden Foundation, you can pay at the Golden Site, while you participate in a courses/ retreat or to the Danish Bank before you arrive to Crete (see the informations at this page).
How can I stay at the Golden Site
For more informations about rent an apartment or a bed in the Social House: Panagia Maria, see Apartment calendar 2018
You can also contact Athina; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address of The Site

Is not available as the site has no official road. Click for a driving discription

Address for Receiving Letters
Please only send letters to people whom you are sure are staying at the site, and either call the person at the phone or send a small text message that a letter is on its way. It takes about five days for letters from Scandinavia to be received in mailbox.

How to find the Golden Site from Chania Airport

  1. Follow the Nationalroad until 10-15 km from Heraklion.
  2. When you get the first view of Heraklion (a big ligthfull town), you see the elektic power plant with 5 big chimneys close to the ocean, just before you reach the town.
  3. 100 m after the elektic power plant, you go to the right at a sign, called Rogdia.
  4. Follow then the same driving description as from Heraklions Airport. Click for a driving discription

Rent a Car
In the airports there are car rental companies. 
You may investigate the market before you travel, or you may arrange with the following company which offers us a special price. See more here

Order a Taxi
You can take a taxi outside Heraklion Airport, or you can call the following number before your travel to get a taxi – who knows the place – at a fixed price of EUR 40.
Jorgos: tlf. +30 694 262 01 69

To go by bus
If you want to go by bus in Crete, there is a good website to look: with a lot of bus destinations. 
At you can also find a hotel in Rogdia, from where you can walk to the Golden Site (5 km).

Only flight
Apollo Travel, SAS, Norwegian or the big search for Out of the turistseason, you have to travel with a landing in Athen.
Travel agency with hotel, could be Agia Palagia or in Amoudara, which are the closest to The Golden Site:
Apollo Travel, Star Tour, Spies. You can google for more. See also about hotel in Rodgia just above at

At the Golden Site, there is an atmosphere free of noise, smoke and alcohol
The Board has decided to keep the Golden Site free of smoke, alcohol and noise. It is as a protection to the Spirit of the Site, of the Devas and the people who come to the Golden Site in order to seek inner and outer silence. It is to be understood in the way that drinking a glass of red wine is okay. Smoking outside the Site against the direction of the wind is okay. Regarding noise you are asked to show consideration not to speek to loud, play too high music and to show respect to the more common areas and the areas where threre is silence.


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