Payment to the Golden Foundation
If you are:
  • staying at the Golden site
  • take part in the cources/ retreats
  • donating or beeing a member of the Golden Foundation

you can use these accounts: 

SWIFT: DABADKKK - IBAN: DK1630 0000 1001 4077
Danish Bank: Regnr.: 1551 Kontonr.: 10014077
The prices at the website are in Danish Kroner (DKK). Be sure that you calculate the price in the correct rate. 
You can also use the Norwegian account: 2351 73 6780
The name of this account is: Den Indre Vei v/ Arvid M. Karlsen, Postboks 93, 2954 Beitostølen, Merk betalingen; Donasjon/Medlem "The Golden Foundation - Kreta, NORGE."
Please remember to write: Your full name, country and which kind of payment, you are doing.
Everyone have to be members, when they are staying at The Golden Site or take part in a courses/ retreat at the site.The price is 10 EURO for a person a year. Pay 75 kr. or 10 euro on the account 1551 10014077


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