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If you wish to teach your own seminar on the site it has to be in accordance with the goal and in the spirit  of the Golden Site.

Every activities, that be placed on the site, have to be connected with the purpose of the Golden Foundation.

If there are other people at The Golden Site at the same time, as you make your own seminar, you are allowed to use the top of the temple for 5 hours a day, and more if other people at The Golden Site do not want to use it. Every sunday from 12 to 3 pm o´clock there have to bee arranged services in the top of the temple. For more information contact Sigve, see the bottom of this page.

An Atmosphere free of noise, smoke and alcohol
The Board has decided to keep The Golden Site free of smoke, alcohol and noise. It is as a protection to the Spirit of the Site, of the Devas and the people who come to the Golden Site in order to seek inner and outer silence. It is to be understood in the way that drinking a glass of red wine is okay. Smoking outside the Site against the direction of the wind is okay. Regarding noise you are asked to show consideration not to speek to loud, play too high music and to show respect to the more common areas and the areas where threre is silence.

If you want to make your own seminar at the Golden Site, you have to include 35 Euro for each participant at the cources (4-7 days).

In addition to that, you have to pay for stay at the night by the normal accomodation.

 You bring your own Bedlinen and towels, or you may rent for 15 euro pr. person for the whole stay.Please write Sigve if you need to rent bedlinen.

It is the responsible person of the seminar, who take care, that the used apartments, the Temple and The Golden Site are clean after using.

Are you interesseted in making your own seminar, please contact Sigve here.


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