Constitution of The Golden Foundation

Section 1 - Registered address and venue

The name of the association is The Golden Foundation, (Chriso Idrima).
The Golden Foundation has its domicile in Rogdia in the municipality of Gazi on Crete, Greece.

Section 2 - Object

The object of the Golden Foundation is:

  1. to create a spiritual focus on Crete for retreats and spiritual education
  2. to further the idealism in humans and in civilisation
  3. to further unity in humanity by bringing together spiritual, philosophical and religious understandings of East and West, ancient and modern.

Section 3  - Membership

The foundation can accept as members anyone who wishes to support the object of the foundation. “A” members are members that support the foundation by paying a fixed rent of the retreat in Crete at least 6 years in advance. Other members are “B” members.

Section 4  - Board of directors and management

The foundation is lead by a board of directors of 5 members. The 5 members shall represent at least 3 countries, and no more than 2 members must be from the same country. Members of the board are elected at annual general meetings for 2 years. Alternating members can be elected. Should the board due to withdrawal of a board member consist on less than 5 members, elected alternating members will enter the Board. If there are no alternating members, the board of directors is under an obligation to add to its number the legally required members. Self-elected members shall come up for re-election at the next general meeting. The board of directors elects the chairman of the board and other required officers.
A majority of the members of the board can expel an elected board member from the board by a majority of 2/3 of the votes of the board. This decision shall be withdrawn, should it not be approved at the next ordinary or annual general meeting.

The board of directors may appoint a daily management that works according to the board’s directions and responsibility.

Section 5 - General meeting

Once a year an annual general meeting shall be held with the following agenda:

  1. Election of the chairman of the meeting
  2. The report of the board of directors for the past year as well as plans for the coming years.
  3. Presentation and approval of the accounts from the previous year.
  4. Presentation and approval of budget and fixing of the subscription of members.
  5. Election of any new board member.
  6. Proposals from the members.
  7. Any other business.

Extraordinary general meetings can be called in in writing by the board of directors or by 1/3 of the members of the foundation. At extraordinary general meetings proposals can only be adopted with 50% of the votes of the members present as well as with half of the possible votes of all “A” members.

At the general meetings “A” members each have 2 votes and “B” members each 1 vote. Votes can be cast by proxy.

Section 6 - Provisions regulating the power to bind the foundation

The foundation is in any way bound by the signature of the chairman and another board member.
The board can authorize a person to sign by procuration.

Section 7 - Liability

The foundation shall be liable for its obligations with the assets belonging to the foundation at the time in question. No member of the foundation or board members shall be personally or joint liable for any debts pertaining to The Golden Foundation.

 Section 8 - Amendments to the regulations

Amendments to the regulations require that a majority of the board members adopt them with a subsequent approval of the board decision by the general meeting with 2/3 of  all possible votes.

 Section 9 - Dissolution of the foundation

The decision to dissolve the foundation requires a majority vote of the board and subsequent approval of the decision of the board by the general meeting with 2/3 of all possible votes. Should the members not be represented at the relevant general meeting with 2/3 of all possible votes, the amendments to the regulations can be adopted at a subsequent extraordinary general meeting with 2/3 of the present votes.

In case of  the dissolution of the foundation, the foundation’s assets shall be donated for general charitable purposes or spiritual organisations working under the same objects as The Golden Foundation or The Golden Circle and which have in their regulations a built-in dissolution decision that prevents assets from being transferred to individuals. The decision of how to dispose of the assets shall be made by the general meeting.

Section 10 - Cessation of membership

Should a member not renew his/her membership, it shall automatically cease 2 months following the end of the year or half-year for which membership fee has been paid. In the up to 60 days after the membership period has ceased, the member shall not be entitled to vote.

The board can expel a member from the foundation by a 2/3 majority.

In case of expulsion the membership shall cease the day after a notification in writing has been sent to the member. An expelled member shall have the right to test the board decision at the next general meeting.

Section 11 - Economy

The foundation receives its income by teaching, by donations, and by letting out facilities for accommodation, meditation and teaching.

Income shall only be used to cover the following:

  • All expenditures pertaining to buying, building, improving and managing physical centres owned or sponsored by The Golden Foundation.
  • Wages for teaching and for the daily running of  physical centres.
  • Donations to non-profit world-server groups.
  • Transport costs and other costs pertaining to teaching and lightwork within The Golden Foundation.

No wages must be given to board members for work on the board and no surplus or donation must be given to individuals.

Section 12 - Accounts and audit

The accounting year of the foundation shall be the calendar year.

The accounts of the foundation shall be audited by an auditor approved by the general meeting.

Section 13 - Conversion into a fund

Should the financial circumstances of the foundation so permit, an extraordinary general meeting can decide to convert the foundation into a fund or an independent institution with tax deductability for donators.

Adopted by the general meeting on 16.05.2014

The Board consists of:
Sigve (N)
Elisabeth (DK)
Christian Rathsach (DK)
Sirkka Liias-Heikkinen (FIN)

Alternating members:
Yvonne Wassini (DK)              Kim Pedersen (DK)    

Elected 2014
Elected 2014
Elected 2014
Elected 2014
Elected 2014
Elected 2014
Elected 2014







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