Your spiritual home on Crete

Visit the Site at Any Time
app1Please print maps and description so you can find your way. You are welcome to visit and enjoy a cup of tea, and it is also possible to have a bed overnight – except when we are fully booked.

Set up your own retreat or take a vacation
The Golden Site is open as a place for individual retreat-like vacations for anybody who is ready to observe the three simple rules of the site: No alcohol, smoking or noise, which in the least way can be disturbing to others. If you are interested in such a vacation, please follow the following procedure:

  1. app3Check in the Calendar which rooms or beds are available in which weeks.
  2. Book your bed, room or apartment here.
  3. Book your flight. From Heraklion Airport the distance to the site is 25 km and from Chania Airport 135 km.
  4. Take a taxi or rent a car: If you choose Chania we recommend to rent a car from the airport. The drive takes two hours + breaks. From Heraklion you have three options: Rent a car (from 140 Euros a week) or take a taxi (35 Euros). See practical information under Contact us.
  5. Please bring clothes that are suited for the climate of the month, and please also bring  towels  bed linnen and items  for personal hygiene including soap in a biological-friendly version. Also we recommend to bring food for the evening and following morning, before your first possibility of shopping.
  6. Be prepared to clean your apartment before leaving the site.


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