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AnnapurnaBlue’s Fabulous Over 60 Women's Retreat

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Fabulous Over 60 Women's Retreat
Women's Health and Wellness Retreat

Seven Days ~ Six Nights

August 12th - 18th, 2023

Crete, Greece


Crete, Greece, a place to unplug and to recharge!


We have met many beautiful and amazing woman over the age of 60.  Women who have had careers, raised families, accomplished great things, and learned important life lessons. 

In talking with these women, they share a feeling that life is different now, that we are losing something as we age.

Questions come up, like: Who am I now?  Why do I feel lost?  How can I look younger?  How can I improve my sex drive?   How can I have more energy? And the big question:  What am I going to do with the rest of my life?

Ladies, being 60 plus is an amazing time to realize you are strong, powerful and so much wiser.   The wrinkles and gray hair are natural, but with them, life has also given you wisdom and tools.  Now is the time to focus on you, and how to make this time of life rewarding and wonderful.   

Our Fabulous Over 60 Woman’s Retreat is designed to help woman over 60 realize that being in our 60s is wonderful, filled with beautiful possibilities, and a time to do great things we could not have done while pursuing our careers and raising a family.

Talk a look at what this retreat has to offer to Fabulous Over 60 Woman: 


Let’s start with the location. Crete, Greece – Beautiful beaches, atmosphere and a balance of all the elements to help you to recharge and to recognize you are fabulous and amazing and life is about to empower you to accept who you are and more.


Amazing conversations, laughter, fun all while learning the tools needed to help you reflect on your life, how your life is now, changes you would like to make in your life and realizing you are an amazing human being and worthy of unlocking that fabulous you!

So, ladies ~  pack your bags, don't forget your bathing suit and sunblock and let's meet in Crete, Greece. 


Retreat – We combine the ancient Tibetan Healing practices with modern medicine practices. Body movements, sound healing and more. You will learn how to balance your mind, body and spirit through wellness, nutrition, body movements and more.


Visit our website for more information on this retreat.

Wellness Sessions

The most dangerous enemies for our mind, body and spirits are our own Five Poisons. If we do not free ourselves from these poisons, our mind, body and spirit will always be fighting obstacles that create problems with our self, health, family, work and financial relationships.

Deborah’s wellness sessions introduce her students to The Five Life Poisons of our daily life.

These Five Poisons, Ignorance, Anger, Attachment, Ego and Jealousy.

By the end of this retreat, you will have the tools to recognize these poisons, the effects they have in all areas of your life and the wisdom to replace these negativities.


We need to nurture our bodies – QiGong works with simple poses and breathing patterns to promote a healthy flow and reduce stagnation of Qi.

During Bo’s QiGong sessions, you will learn the benefits of Qigong and how this practice can improve fitness, reduce anxiety and depression. Lower blood pressure, strengthen your immune and respiratory system and improve overall well-being.

Studies have shown 60 minute sessions two to three times a week for 6-2 weeks have improved symptoms of fatigue and sleep quality. A positive overall quality of life.

You’re in for a treat.

Sound Bathing

Sound bathing is the practice of being immersed in sounds and vibrations that have the power to cleanse and heal. It is a journey of self-discovery through deep relaxation and meditation. 

Used by many cultures for thousands of years, sound bathing is a holistic approach to relaxation and healing.  A great escape from the modern stress of life. Much like a bath with soap and water, a sound bath can cleanse your soul and restore your balance. 

We use Tibetan Singing bowls for sound bathing. Surrounded by different singing bowls, you will feel their healing and cleansing power.  Stress, tension and depression are washed away with these vibrations. 

A study done at the National Institute of Health demonstrates that waves of vibrational sounds help reduce stress, fatigue and depression symptoms.  

Sound bathing with Tibetan singing bowls before and surgery improved heart rates and other vitals.  Reduced anxiety. 


Body Energy Movement

Body movement is crucial for our Mind, Body and Spirit.   Proper body movement reduces anxiety, depression, and diabetes, and assists with weigh management and other physical and mental conditions. 

Our retreats incorporate different types of body movement.  Perhaps a yoga session, a qigong session or other structured body movement.  Our sessions allow everyone, from beginners to advanced, to participate at their own level.  






Our mind is constantly active. Thoughts arise outside of our control. These thoughts can be positive, or negative.  "Monkey mind" is the term used to describe the overactive, chattering mind.

Studies have shown that meditation is an effective way to calm this monkey mind, so it can be more focused and productive. 

Practiced in cultures all over the world for thousands of years, meditation uses a set of techniques intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. Meditation is also a consciousness-changing technique that has been shown to have a wide number of benefits on psychological well-being.

Our meditation sessions include working with the breath, the movement of life force in the body. We use breathing purification practices that open the inner energy channels to aid in internal healing.  


Why Should You Attend, This Special Retreat

Ladies 60 and over who would like to build on your deep life experiences. Find your inner self that has been put on hold while you raised a family and had a career.


Learn new tools and techniques to shift how you view and take care of your mind, body and spirit.


Discover what you want to do with the rest of your life. 


Open to developing a bond and friendships with like minded people and a support system to help you achieve your desired goals and changes.

Our mind, body and spirit are linked together. Our mind has great power over our physical and mental health. At our Fabulous Over 60 Women's retreat we will give you the techniques to nurture your mind, balance your life and improve your wellbeing. Increase your coping skills and decrease depression. Deal better with life obstacles. Find calm within your daily life.

We need to focus also on taking care of our bodies. This retreat will teach body movement activities to improve physical health. Just like nurturing our minds, it is equally important to nurture our bodies. This will improve our health, heart condition, diabetes and other health insecurities.

​Nurturing our spirit fills us with so much joy in your life. Everyone has a spiritual life, no matter what their religion or lack of one. Compassion, laughter, purpose, service to others, all create joy. This retreat includes techniques to improve your own concept of your spiritual life and find inner happiness.

Through this retreat you will re-discover you!. All your past life experience has brought you to this place now. Every wrinkle, gray hair, and body shape change makes you “The Fabulous You!”

You will leave this retreat renewed, empowered and feeling worthy of being a fabulous woman over 60. Our amazing staff will give you space to reflect on what you would like to do during the next chapter of your life and be empowered to take that leap.

​Being in Greece for this retreat is part of your healing, self-love, self-compassion and inspiration to manifest all the positives you would like to see in your life. Balancing your Mind, Body and Spirit. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is the ability to step out of your hectic life, be able to truly look into your life from the outside in and see what is happening, what you would like to see happen with your life and create a plan to make the changes you would like to see.


We invite you to visit our website at for more information.


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